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Wood Turning Supplies

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Fisch Pen Drill Bits (7mm x 150mm) - Pen Maker Flutes for Wood Turning, Pen Blanks and Pen Making - Durable, Easy to Install, Guarantees Clean Entrance - FSN-322559 - Made from M2 HSS High Speed Steel

  • The flutes of a Fisch Pen Makers Bit are noticeably different from conventional style drill bits
  • This product is easy to use easy to install and highly durable
  • The cutting edge geometry of this bit guides it straight through tough end grain and guarantees a clean entrance and exit hole
  • Parabolic Flute design eliminating the need to withdraw the bit until the hole has been drilled through
  • Can drill up to 1350 holes without sharpening
  • European Pen Makers Drill Bits made from M2 HSS High Speed Steel for longer service
  • The full length of the drill bit can be used in a single pass
  • Reduced friction by the shape of the outer flute area makes for faster drilling and less heat buildup for longer life

List Price: $ 16.63
Price: $ 3.44

holyland Olive Wood Pens Blanks turning wooden pens 3/4"x 3/4" x 5-1/2" ( 10 Blanks ) by Zuluf

  • Each listing is for 10 Olive wood Blanks. Create some beautiful pens from Olive Wood from the Historic and Holy Lands around Bethlehem.
  • This woods turns with ease and is quite beautiful.
  • Each blank is air dried FOR MORE THAN 5 YEARS and to be free of defects and cracks.
  • Olive wood trees from the ancient city of Bethlehem, Israel (also known as Roman trees) have been bearing fruit since the time of the Romans. Many religious, historical, and artistic articles are made from this beautiful ancient wood. We have a good supply of olive wood pen and wide blanks from a Bethlehem company that specializes in harvesting this wood.
  • Note: No tree was damaged or destroyed in the process of harvesting this wood.

List Price: $ 28.48
Price: $ 28.48

Woodturning Project Kit to make Kaleidoscope Egg

  • Durable plated finish
  • Stunning decorative and functional design; Easy to make
  • Stand Sold Separately
  • 2" x 2" x 2-1/2" wood blank, pen mandrel, egg bushings and a 13/16" Forstner bit sold separately
  • Wood or man-made material blanks sold separately

List Price: $ 13.59
Price: $ 13.59

High Gloss Wax

  • Easiest way to finish pens, pencils, and other small turning projects that we have found.
  • Removes fine scratches
  • Durable finish

List Price: $ 12.06
Price: $ 7.99

Woodturning Project Kit to Make WoodRiver Pump-N-Grind Pepper Mill Turning Kit

  • Create the wooden body of this kit yourself with your own lathe and wooden blanks (sold separately)
  • Build it yourself!
  • Freshly grind peppercorns or salt crystals
  • Easy one-handed operation; portable and compact
  • Durable stainless steel construction

List Price: $ 14.50
Price: $ 14.50

Woodturning Project Kit for Chrome Bottle Opener

  • Turn the handle yourself with a blank of your choosing (Blank Not Included)
  • Build it Yourself
  • Durable chrome plating
  • Sturdy 3/8 x 16 TPI threaded post
  • Turn between centers

List Price: $ 7.99
Price: $ 7.99

PSI Woodworking LCPM3 3 Piece HSS Pen Turning Lathe Chisel Set

  • Chisels are 11-inch with 8-inch handles
  • Comes in an attractive wooden display box
  • 3/8-inch gouge for rough cutting
  • 1/8-inch parting tool for cutting tennons, and parting-off
  • 1/2-inch oval skew for smooth cuts and finished surfaces

List Price: $ 25.54
Price: $ 25.54

Hygloss 95025 Unfinished Wood Turnings, 2-Pound, Natural

  • Made in Usa
  • Perfect for crafts, artistic purposes and other uses
  • 2 lb. Assorted sizes

List Price: $ 22.91
Price: $ 22.91

European Pen Kit Starter Set

  • Learning to turn different kits has never been easier
  • Convenient storage case for small parts
  • Everything in one box

List Price: $ 34.99
Price: $ 34.99

Woodturning Project Kit for Cork Bottle Stoppers (10-Pack)

  • High grade cork project kit
  • 10 per Pack
  • Dowel not included

List Price: $ 4.50
Price: $ 4.50

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